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Here’s what some of our Albuquerque, NM customers are saying about us:

What can I say? They actually made breaking down with a bad alternator and dead battery a pleasurable experience. Once my car was towed from Moriarity to
the Baymont Inn and Suites in the middle of the night, I was devastated. I'm from Indiana and travelling with my elderly parents. The next morning I was referred to Quirks.
I shopped around, of course, but Tom Quirk gave me the best price. I had the car towed to his place, and asked them to check the AC, as it was not working real well, either.
They said they'd start the next day, and I took a nap. I missed their call during my nap that the car was already fixed!!!
I called them back and they said to pick it up the next morning so they could make sure there were no more AC leaks.
The next morning I arrived at Quirks afraid that this out of town girl was gonna pay dearly for a new AC compressor and a new battery as well as the alternator.
NOPE, just a simple AC leak, they fixed the leak, charged the AC, recharged my original battery, replaced the alternator and all for UNDER $550.00.
I was told by the man that referred me to Tom Quirks automotive that they were fair and very competent.
They certainly are. Thanks guys. and you were also right about T or C...nothing there but a beautiful lake.

Zita Moore GooglePlus Review

Extremely honest people. They are very fast with the turnaround and no BS at any time. I highly recommend their service.

John Posen GooglePlus Review

I take all my cars here. Tom is reasonable, and has really good people working for him. I needed a ride and Tom himself gave me a ride
(I felt embarrassed, but I didn't have ride) and was quite pleasant. Have been taking my Honda & VW here for about 9 years now. Honest people.

Satyan Patel GooglePlus Review

The have worked on two of my cars and have done a great job.

Scott Nutter GooglePlus Review

Was travelling across country and my engine light came on. Tom Quirk let me know nothing was wrong and I was on my way in 15min - no charge. I was very happy to find them and know that they were honest about what needed to be done. Thanks!

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